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Thank you for visiting the Classic Artisan website. I'm John Panopoulos, the owner of Classic Artisan and would like to share with you what motivated me to start this exciting venture in 2002. I hadn't known about 'Faux Finishing' until I saw the beautiful decorative finishes my neighbours had completed on their house. As an artist and Graphic Designer, I was amazed at such a big transformation created by a craftsman working with a medium I'd never known of or seen before. I was intrigued with this new art form and wanted to try my creative hand on my own house. Then after some research I discovered there was an endless variety of techniques and materials for walls, floors and ceilings with a history of this craftsmanship going back decades.

After further research, taking courses and asking lots of questions where ever I could get answers, I experimented on my house from room to room with different techniques and materials. The results were outstanding! Over time friends and family hired me to try my trusted hand in their homes and when the list was growing from friends of friends, I saw opportunity to make this a successful business. I've used my business and creative skills that were developed in the Graphic Design industry for over 20 years to start Classic Artisan. Throughout those years I successfully operated my own Graphic Design company and majority of that time also joined other company's where my titles had varied as Art Director, Creative Director, and Project Manager.

Working in a competitive and professional business environment I learned that the key to maintain a successful raster of clients (such as; Adidas, Benjamin Moore Paints, Canadian Tire Corporation, Campbell Soup Company, Coca-Cola Corporation, Grand & Toy, Home Hardware, Kraft Foods, Labatt's, Laura Secord, Lindt Chocolate, Molson's, Nabisco, Panasonic, Ralston Purina, Pfizer Canada Inc,, Sarah Lee, Taco Bell) was to be vigilant in clear communication with everyone involved to ensure that completing project goals were met on time, on budget with exceptional results from creative concept to production.

I've maintained those high standards for providing customer satisfaction in Classic Artisan and have also learned that honesty, integrity and continued passion for this form of business is a must to gain a clients trust for continued success. To keep our pride, we ensure that everyone working in cooperation with Classic Artisan whether commissioned or contracted also has the same values we believe in. Please visit the Gallery page to view our wide variety of projects I am proud to display. Thanks again - John.

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