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Faux Stone Monoliths that look like real stone...
Stone monoliths are one of a kind, hand crafted to fit your specifications, that look and feel like real stone, that endure extreme weather conditions and are more affordable than real stone. Our stone monoliths open more possibilities for uses where real stone may be required, yet limiting due to heavy weight for transportation, placement and instalment. Heavy machinery is not only costly, but has restrictions of access due to existing fences, trees, existing landscape, property lines, overhead wires and the list goes on, which limits your preferred design potential. Our stone monoliths are carried onto the site by several people with little or no disruption of existing landscape. Easier placement and installation compared to real stone now makes your landscape design more possible and more affordable than ever. We create any size, endless possibilities than can be attached to existing places or stand alone works of art. For Gardens, landscape design, backyard patio, front yard, front entrance, indoor feature, ponds, water fountains, replicas' of ancient sculptures, boulders and blocks.  
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