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Examples of some of our Interior Wall Projects...

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Transforming a typical wall or ceiling into a unique visual of colours and faux textures is an endless array of possibilities. There are applications of subtle finishes to accent one wall or enhance an entire room and there are applications to create more impactful finishes throughout or perhaps accentuated on one area to lure the attention.

We use a wide variety of products and applications with many techniques to create decorative illusions that enhance the feel of any space to suit the required visual appearance you are looking for. We will be happy to assist in choosing the right material for the look you plan to achieve.

- Angel stone
- Decorative Plaster
- Dragging
- Exotic Textured Finishes
- Faux Glazing
- Fresco Finishes
- Colour Washing
- Crackle Finish
- Crystal Coat
- Frottage
- Gemstone
- Glazing
- Graffiato
- Indiana LimeStone
- Polished Stone
- Coral Reef
- Fossil Stone
- Marbleizing
- Metallic Accents
- Murals
- Patina Finishes
- Pearlescent Accents
- Spacco
- Sponging
- Stencil Designs
- Stucco Antico
- Ragging
- Unique Patterned Effects
- Venetian Plaster

Angel Stone: Takes the beauty of natural stone to another dimension with an added sparkle of elegance. It has an extremely fine granular finish with small added metallic flakes of either copper, silver, gold, bronze or pewter. Angel Stone can be custom coloured and may be used for interior and exterior walls and ceilings that is washable and maintenance free.

Decorative Plaster, Exotic Textured Finishes, Spacco: Lots of texture best describes this Mediterranean finish which is ideal for a heavy textured medium on walls. Applied in a combination of styles to suit the effect with multi-coloured layers, or can be layered in its natural neutral base and washed with a custom tinted glaze then slightly sanded exposing the colour relief underneath to create an old-world finish.

Fresco Finishes, Crystal Coat, Sand Wash, Patina Finishes: This rich finish is reminiscent of a true European fresco finish with a subtle stone-like texture. Its soft swirling effect is ideal when an understated, yet refined look is desired. Is usually washed with a glaze tint adding further to an aged finish.

GemStone, Tri-Col: Is an acrylic quartz stone finish with granular texture that looks and feels like real cut stone. It comes in multiple colour combinations it is especially ideal in high traffic areas because of its abrasion resistance.

Graffiato: Best described as a fresco finish with fine lines randomly criss-crossing throughout the surface adding dimension and character to any surface. Applied as premixed colour or natural integral colour with a colour wash or a top coat for more drama.

Glazing, Sponging, Ragging, ColourWashing, Frottage, Dragging: Glaze colour is applied in an endless array of patterns to create an illusion of texture. Many decorative looks and patterns are achieved using different techniques with various instruments such as rags, sponges, brushes, stencils, plastic sheets, fabric.

Indiana LimeStone, Polished stone, Coral Reef, Fossil Stone finishes: A blend of materials are formulated to simulate an exotic stone look and feel that it is sometimes difficult to tell from the real thing. Ideal for carving logos, symbols, embossing designs, stencilled patterns or washing in glaze. Can achieve an enhanced looked of exotic stone by adding crushed shells, pebbles or other natural material, and also stamping foliage/leaves or shells giving it a true authentic fossilized look and feel.

Metallic Accents, Pearlescent Accents, Iridescent Accent: These finishes are added to create a metal lustre or translucent veil over decorative surfaces such as Venetian Plaster, Crystal Coat and Spacco. These alluring topcoats are sure to yield dramatic and sophisticated looking effects.

Venetian Plaster, Stucco Antico, DurMAR, Marbleizing: The most true European classic decorative finish that dates back centuries, applied in homes and castles of Venetian and European Nobles. Its unique look simulates a smooth marble or polished leather finish adding depth and dimension in a decorative timeless class by itself. 

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